At Holy Trinity School, we are helping to create future parents, leaders, and influencers. We have established schoolwide learning expectations that we weave throughout our curriculum. We ensure our students receive all of the necessary components to build a solid, honors-level academic foundation. Love of Christ, high expectations, passionate educators, and enthusiastic learners serve as the cornerstones to that foundation.

A Holy Trinity Graduate Is

A Christ-centered person who…

  • understands the teachings of the Catholic faith;
  • contributes to the community through service;
  • is actively developing spiritually;
  • respects diversity in God’s creation; and
  • makes moral choices based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

An intellectually curious learner who…

  • analyzes, identifies, integrates, and applies information;
  • listens actively, speaks clearly, and writes concisely and correctly;
  • thinks and applies problem-solving skills;
  • appreciates the fine arts; and
  • uses technology responsibly for learning, communication, and enjoyment.

A globally aware citizen who…

  • is accountable for his/her actions;
  • supports and participates in community activities;
  • understands and practices civic responsibilities;
  • appreciates his/her heritage and respects cultural diversity; and
  • is cognizant of global issues and responds to them.

A maturing individual who…

  • is self-motivated and self-disciplined;
  • demonstrates sportsmanship and has knowledge of basic athletic skills;
  • is developing an understanding of proper health and hygiene practices;
  • recognizes and shares his/her own talents and appreciates the talents of others; and
  • has a positive outlook regarding self.