Holy Trinity School COVID-19 response

We know you have questions about the upcoming school year. We invite you to check this page often for the most up-to-date information.

Safe Reopening Update

Holy Trinity 2020 –2021 Reopening Plans

2020-2021 School Reopening Plan in response to COVID 19

We know the last several months have been challenging for everyone as we have adjusted to the changes that have occurred as a result of COVID-19. We hope that you and your family have been well during this time. We are anxious to reopen Holy Trinity School, but we must do it in a way that is safe for our students and staff. After all, we cannot accelerate learning, promote instructional continuity, and address social-emotional and mental health without ensuring physical health. San Diego Catholic Schools has developed guidance through various working groups to support the reopening of schools in 2020–2021. The guidance focuses on four major areas: Catholic Identity, Schedules & Logistics, Facilities & Operations, and Instructional Programs. Please read through our reopening plan below for all the details or you may also click on the image above to access the plan as well.

Reopen Update Letter From John Galvan, Director of Schools for Diocese of San Diego

This has been an historic year. Over the course of the past months, our Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego have been working hard on their plans for a safe reopening of campuses in the fall. Throughout this process, we have been in regular consultation with county, state, and federal authorities regarding their public health guidance. The safety of our Catholic school communities remains our highest priority. Our children are a treasure, and our school leadership and families are to be applauded for their efforts in working together for their education, faith formation, and protection. We encourage you to read John Galvan's letter in its entirety, which includes Governor Newsom's announcement on the reopening of public and private schools in our state.

School Reopening Guidance and Big 4 Info

Please consult our School Reopening Guidance & the Big 4 information for the latest information about school reopening.

School Reopening Guidance and the Big 4 Information

Diocesan School Re-Engagement Plan

The Diocese of San Diego has prepared a comprehensive plan to mitigate risk of exposure to COVID-19 in our Catholic schools. Please read our Diocesan School Re-Engagement Plan. This contains detailed information about safety protocols for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego for the 2020–21 school year. The plan addresses the following:

Diocesan School Re-Engagement Plan
  • Temperature Screening
  • Visitors and Volunteers
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Mass, Gatherings, and Sporting Events
  • Strategic Social Distancing
  • Instructional Programs